Front Camera Cover/Web Camera Cover

The front camera cover/web camera cover is a sleek and effective way to protect the front facing cameras on your cellphones/smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other technical devices, from unknown intrusions/hacker attacks and can easily be opened or closed with just one simple finger movement.


The Front Camera/Web Camera Cover will give youprivacy and peace of mind and help you take control of your digital privacy!

Front Camera / Web Camera Privacy Covers securely protect you front facing cameras when they are not in use and prevent web hackers and/or intruders from Spying on you. Compatible with cell phones, tablets, and laptops! It is the perfect accessory to provide privacy, security and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations, and companies. The front camera/web camera covers do not interfere with the use of your devices, and is compatible with mac, macbook, macbook pro, surfcase, surfcase pro, laptops, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad and many other devices! -- All front camera covers are adhered with 3M tape for a strong, but non-permanent seal!

If a computer or mobile devices is infected with malware, the intruder can easily access and us the Operating Systems features and watch you without you ever even suspecting anything...Still need convincing? Open your favorite search engine and search for "Insecam" -- Creepy right? Creepy indeed...

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